15:50~16:50 Capacity 60 persons

Lecturer : Seiichiro Tatsumi - Rogin's Tavern Owner


Tasting of Rye and Bourbon under the prohibition of liquor.

You will learn about the introduction of liquor stores in the United States and the history of distilleries.

Tastes of 1, 2, 3 will be 10cc of each brand.

1.Doughety’s private stock pure rye whiskey 1917-1930 pennsylvania American Medicinal Spirit

2.Old Crow rye whiskey kentucky streight rye

3.Special Old Reserve  kentucky streight bourbon 1917-1932            American Medicinal Spirit Company

4.Bellows Club kentucky streight bourbon 1956

5.Old overholt streight rye whiskey 1970 distilled in Pennsylvania bottled in Ohio no age

[B-3]Vagabond's Whiskey Story "Prohibition and after"