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ご来場予定の皆様へ大切なお知らせとお願いです- Important notice to everyone who participates in Whiskey Talk 2019.

最終更新: 2020年4月3日



ウイスキートークオリジナルボトルは当日販売は一切ございませんのでご注意願います。当日ご来場者全員に配布するオーダーシートによるご予約のみを承ります。 いずれのボトルも御予約多数の場合は抽選販売とさせて頂きます。

オーダーシートのご提出は4階会場のオフィシャルブースで承ります。オープンからクローズまでの間はいつでも用紙はご提出頂けます。 早いお申込み順の予約受注ではございませんので前日または早朝から並ぶ場所などのご用意はございませんのでどうぞご注意ください。

また会場内で強引に走ったり、列への割り込みなどの行為は 周囲の方への迷惑となるだけでなく大変危険ですので固くお断り致します。


Important notice to everyone who participates in Whiskey Talk 2019.

A lot of questions have been sent to the executive committee about how to get the original bottle of "Whisky Talk Fukuoka 2019", so we will guide you as follows. Please note that "Whisky Talk Original Bottle" is sold only on the day of booking and is reserved only.

On the day, you can only make a reservation using the order sheet.In any bottle, if the number of reservations exceeds the number of bottling, it will be a lottery sale. The lottery will be held by the executive committee after the event and the results will be announced by mail postcards.

Order sheets can be submitted at the official booth on the 4th floor.You can submit the form anytime between the opening and closing of the event.

We write again just to make sure, the original bottle is eserved only on the day, and it will definitely be a lottery sale. There is no way to buy it reliably.

In addition, acts such as rushing in the hall or interrupting the lineNot only will it be a nuisance to those around you, but it is very dangerous and we will refuse it.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation so that everyone who follows our manners can enjoy it with confidence.