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チケット発売中!ーTickets are on sale!-

毎年恒例となりました福岡から発信するウイスキーイベント「WHISKY TALK FUKUOKA」は今年で記念すべき10回目の開催となります。








■入場券 チケットぴあe+(イープラス)チケット販売店舗

■セミナー e+(イープラス)

公式サイト  https://www.whiskytalk.net/

This is a year to commemorate. Because it's just the 10th.

The booths of manufacturers, importers and sponsors are enriched. There are paid tasting seminars and free open seminars.

We will not sell the same-day ticket this year,we sell only advance tickets. When the sales quantity reaches the planned quantity, the sale is ended.

Application for Whisky Talk Fukuoka official original bottle is accepted at the venue.

(Only for reservation application, there is no sale on the day.)

In addition, entrance receptionist changes to 1F entrance open space. Please keep in mind that it will be different until the last time.

Admission tickets and seminar tickets are on sale.

■Admission ticket : ticket pia , e+ ,  Ticket Sale BAR

■Seminnar ticket : e+

(If you do not have a phone or mobile phone contracted in Japan, you can purchase one from

the official ticket sales page.)