• yamada73

太陽と鳳凰シリーズ第2弾! Phonix and the Sun 2nd release. "Shinshu Mars Distillery"

信州マルス蒸留所 太陽と鳳凰 2013 Shinshu Mars Distillery Phoenix and the Sun






"Whisky Talk Fukuoka 2016 original bottle".

It's "Shinshu Mars Distillery" to introduce this time.

After last year, it's released as the 2nd "Phoenix and the sun" series. Bottling will be after a while summer.

That's matured by American white oak. Cask strength.

The aroma is showy and fruity. Gentle pete feels, too. This whisky can meet the new whole surface of Komagatake.

Further, this label picture is different from an actual one in details of a specification for a design plan. Please accept it beforehand.